Article Writing

What is Article Writing? What do we offer?

What is Article Writing?

Like in a newspaper or magazine, articles are professionally written stories or write-ups on a topic. It is easy to write an article but with endless changes to search engine algorithms, article writing for the website needs to satisfy both the search engines and your website visitors. The secret is to apply the necessary article writing techniques and keywords for search engines, but still have it make sense and be readable to your human visitors.

What We Offer

Memorable, Personable and Marketable – three words that define the mission of every copy written by our content writers at Express Developments. We want your website to have an article that is eye-catching, informative and relateble. With our article writing services, we offer real writing, not reading from a script. It’s not just about what your product or service can offer, but the experience, the value behind them. What makes your business different? That’s our copywriting challenge. Using creativity, a professional style and having a clear vision will help us convert your site visitors into engaged customers.

How Much Does It Cost?

We tailor our projects to your business, this means that not every project is quoted the same. Please start a project so that we can review and quote the cost of your article writing requirements

How Do I Start?

Before we start article writing, it is important for us that we collect the right information. We have a questionnaire that we require all serious clients to complete prior to us reviewing your requirements. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us prior to completing this questionnaire.

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