Coco Grove Beach Resort Website v2.1

Coco Grove Beach Resort- Website v2.1

Our client wanted to continue improving and enhancing their company’s website. In this update they wanted to integrate online payments as an easier way for clients to pay online and slowly move away from using traditional international bank transfers.

  • Build a custom tailored online payment system for users to pay online
  • Build a custom backend for online payments to log and view the history of a payment process
  • Make further improvements to the website’s layout based on feedback from the users and analytic data
Our Solution

There was no solution at the time that would support online payments with our client’s selected bank. As we built this website using our framework, it was easy for us to integrate a new online payment system into their existing website.

Once a booking finalised, staff would enter the items requiring to be paid into the payment system. Once checked and approved by a superior, login details are emailed to the guest which will allow them to log into a secure area where they can view and confirm their order details. Once they agree to the terms and items in the order, they are redirect to the bank to process their transaction. The payment system monitors the outcome of the transaction and the appropriate process is executed depending on whether the payment has been successful or not.

Integrating this custom payment system allowed our client to process bookings a lot faster and more securely. There has been a dramatic increase in their guest satisfaction allowing them to pay online instantly as opposed to the traditional payment method.

Key Components
  • User accounts to allow staff to create an order and have it approved before sending to the guest
  • Guests have their own secure login to confirm the contents of their order then proceed to payment
  • Management notified each step along the process to ensure payment is received and there are no issues with fraud

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