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Island Meets City is a newcomer to the internet. The author wanted to share her thoughts and support her passion to write across a range of topics from health to travel and lifestyle. She wanted website that would support her writing articles and have it organised for users to easily navigate and find her content. The website had to be easy to use, but flexible and powerful to add new functionality without any major changes to the code.

  • Logo design
  • Setup a powerful and flexible blogging platform
  • Have a website design that would bring her personality to the web
Our Solution

We created a logo that encompasses her idea of ‘Island Meets City’.

Our choice for a powerful and flexible blogging platform is WordPress which is what we used to fit these requirements and her budget. The range of plugins and themes available allow the author to simply add new to her website functionality herself – at no need additional cost. The purchase of a premium theme brought her personality to the website.
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I am an avid blogger, who loves to write about my passions in life. I also have a bubbly personality so I wanted to convey this through my new blog’s design. I don’t have much html experience (or any other type of programming for that matter) so it was so helpful when I was able to use Express Developments’ services to help me create my own website that I could also manage the content myself using WordPress. WordPress is easy to use once you get an introductory feel for it and you learn as you go. You can always improve your site too. Express Developments provided me the foundation to build a community of readers that really love my writing. I am currently discussing a re-vamp as the site has been up for a little over a year now. As I grow, so does my site, and the amazing feedback I’ve had has been overwhelming. I am choosing to keep my site with Express Developments, and let the designers help me share what I want to say to the world and my readers. I am looking forward to the re-vamp, while Express Developments followed my wishes to a T (with of course a dash of their own tech savvy and design knowledge) I would like to make another blog to separate some of my contents, and also make the original website to be more of a magazine layout. Express Developments has exceeded my expectations, their head programmer is very focused and friendly, and their team kept correspondence with me as easy as possible and as often as I required. I am always online writing for other online groups and sites, so the best way to communicate for me was over email but sometimes I would also skype call them, which cost nothing and quite convenient once we had pre-arranged appointments. Overall I would say that using Express Developments’ services has been a great way to start me up and keep me going. For the more complicated things that I can’t change myself, it’s been easy to have Express Developments help me out and also recommend me the best course of actions.

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