Video Surveillance Copier

Video Surveillance Copier

There has been a few attacks on cab drivers (in this instance it was in Mining). Our client wanted to mount two cameras that would record any activity that might happen during a worker’s shift. The idea was to insert two both the camera’s SD Cards containing the video footage, automatically detect the vehicle, take the data off the cards store it in particular folders, format the cards and repeat the process for the next vehicle.

  • Custom Windows application
  • Identifying SD Cards and associating them to particular records (Vehicles and Drivers) stored in a database
Our Solution

There were some complexities with this application, particularly around the detection of the SD Cards. After a lot of research we were able to monitor hardware devices and to identify what devices were SD Cards and find a unique identifier for each card – which we later linked to particular records in a database. This milestone allowed us to continue development and added functionality for simultaneous file copying, file resuming, formatting and ejecting hardware.

Key Components
  • Application would automatically detect the cards and their associated drivers
  • Would transfer data from both SD cards simultaneously then format both cards once transfer completes
  • If there were any interruptions whilst copying data the application would automatically detect and resume copying where it left off
  • Data could then automatically be copied to a specific location (either locally or on a network)
  • Data to detect the cab driver and the associated camera data would be stored on the SD cards

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