Our client focused on offline advertising as his primary method to find potential customers. He would search through the Yellow Pages to find ads that had a website. He would then visit their website and assess it to see whether he could improve their website. If he felt he could, he would create a letter which he would send to the customer to organise a time to meet and discuss services he offer. This entire process would take 1 hour per customer.

After hours of checking websites he started losing track of what he found and what was sent to the customers and came to us for a solution.

  • Build a custom website
  • Build a database of customers and reports
  • Using automation techniques and tools to make things faster and more efficient
  • Generated Microsoft Word documents based on findings
Our Solution

The website we built made assessing websites and writing letters faster and simpler.

The client would first enter the the customer’s details into the website as well as uploading a photo of the advert that he found. He would then move onto assessing the website. There are several tools that are available to him (domain checking, check if Google Analytics is on the website, checking Meta data, whether a website has Flash etc.) and after performing these checks, he could then record this information into the website, easily allowing him to review it at a later time.

Once he has done his assessment and highlighted areas where he could offer his services, he would generate a letter. Depending on the services he would offer, a template would be selected and is populated with his findings he entered into the website, the customer’s contact details and the original advert he uploaded. When clicking generate, the Word document is created and ready for him to print and mail out.

This entire process could be done in less than 15mins per customer.

Key Components
  • Several forms where he could enter his findings and make notes on a website’s code and design, domain and web hosting, SEO quality, the general research about his customer. This could all be viewed if his customer called him
  • Each customer has its own log and history of findings and notes
  • A template Word document is populated with findings and notes taken and is ready to be printed or emailed to the client

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