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UPDATED: Change default wampserver directory

We like using WAMP Server but we find we are often changing the httpd.conf of Apache to so that http://localhost/ is the home page rather than http://localhost/website/

That’s why we’re in the process of making our own ‘Apache Directory Changer’ that will update the DocumentRoot and tags of a httpd.conf file with just a few clicks. Imagine running an application and simply clicking on the directory you want Apache to look to then refresh your browser – it’ll be that easy!

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UPDATE: ExpressADC has been released for free

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What is custom software?

The traditional off-the-shelf software doesn’t always solve all your problems. Shoppers are often left wondering whether they’ve just spent too much; whether this product solve their initial problem; or just excited and only realise afterwards that what they bought doesn’t do everything they had thought it would. We will explore what is custom software and why we would recommend it.

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