What is custom software?

The traditional off-the-shelf software doesn’t always solve all your problems. Shoppers are often left wondering whether they’ve just spent too much; whether this product solve their initial problem; or just excited and only realise afterwards that what they bought doesn’t do everything they had thought it would. We will explore what is custom software and why we would recommend it.

What is Custom Software

Custom Software to us is when you write a software program for your Windows computer that is custom-tailored to your requirements. This means no fluff, no unwanted or unneeded functionality – it is purely developed to do exactly what you need it to do. So why is off-the-shelf software more popular?

What is off-the-shelf software?
  • Refers to a software application or package that can be purchased off-the-shelf at a store
  • It usually comes as a CD/DVD or could be downloaded from the internet
  • Is faster to buy off-the-shelf software than have custom software developed
  • Off-the-shelf software is generally cheaper as it is sold to the masses that usually offsets the production and distribution costs
  • Typically has years of testing and production use so it gives customers the confidence that it works
  • Most applications have an auto-update feature if you are connected to the internet. Otherwise your software will become out of date
How is off-the-shelf software made?

The software vendors usually have a set list of features they want their application to include. From testing and production use, they decide whether those features should continue, be enhanced or withdrawn from future releases. User feedback and the top number of requests, usually lead to the additional of new features to their software product.

Our custom software is the opposite. We ask you for a list of features/requirements you need for an application. If, during the development of the software, you/we see an opportunity for a new feature that could improve the efficiency of the software or your business’s operations, we can discuss and easily implement it into your application.

The Quality of Customer Support

There is support for off-the-shelf software. This usually requires you to talk to someone on the phone in a call-centre overseas where they will walk through with you to find the problem.

As we developed your custom software, we can provide you with in-depth support, faster bug fixes and enhance your application to reduce the amount of problems you may have in the future – we don’t merely a work-around the problem.

How does it compare to Custom Software?

We’ve found that most customers (particularly those that are no computer literate) don’t have the right guidance when choosing software. Sales reps would often try to sell a higher package so they can get a higher commission. Sure it will do everything you want and more, but is it worth that extra cost to the customer?

That’s why we provide support in helping you make the right choice.

If we find an off-the-shelf software that will solve your problem, we will recommend it first. If your solve is more custom oriented, we can provide an estimate for the development of the product.

Only For You

No two (or more) clients would have the exact same requirements – their business, operations, environment, customers etc. would all be different. That’s why our software is developed only for you – a single customer.

Long-Term Cost Benefit
  • Off-the-shelf software may be cheap but sometimes custom software can be even cheaper. Features for off-the-shelf software may need to be ‘unlocked’ by paying more money usually targeted for a higher market
  • With custom software there is no need to purchase a large, unnecessary enterprise software product if you just want to print an invoice (for example). Custom software can solve a specific problem at a lower cost.
  • Custom software can provide many benefits to your company. It could be tax deductible or you can have it become an asset to your business. If ever your business sells, your custom software will add unique operational capabilities, potentially giving you leverage to ask for a higher selling price.
  • Custom software can grow as your business grows. So there is no need to force your staff or business operations to switch to an entirely new system because you do not have a particular feature
Our Process
  • Have a sit down with you to discuss your requirements and overall goal for the software
  • After you sign off on the requirements and we receive a deposit, we get to work. We build this application from our own basic framework and add block on top depending on the functionality you need.
  • We will keep in touch with you and share the results of development as it happens – that way you can have your say and know how far away the software has to go
  • Once development has completed, we will give a final presentation. If you are happy with the product and it meets your requirements and goal, we will get you to sign off and receive the final payment before we handover the software. If there is something that we missed or you have decided to change the requirements, we will go back and finalise that before continuing.

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If you are still unsure about Custom Software, feel free to contact us so we can suggest the best resolution to your problem. If you would like a quote on develop custom software for your business:

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