Simple Software Development

What is a Simple Software Development application? What do we offer?

What is Simple Software Development?

We define simple software development as an application on your computer that makes life easier, accomplish a goal or provide notifications without any complex database system powering it. An example could be a little application that notifies you when your computer disk space is nearly full; blocks USBs from being written/read on your computer; an application that reads a playlist and copies out the files into a new folder etc.

What We Offer

We develop simple applications for the Windows operating system. These applications can have basic configuration and at a later stage could be developed into a complex software application. Applications do not need to be limited to just the computer. These applications can also connect to an online entity and provide automation if required.

How Much Does It Cost?

We tailor our projects to your business, this means that not every project is quoted the same. Please start a project so that we can review and quote the cost of your software application requirements

How Do I Start?

Before we start developing your simple software application, it is important for us that we collect the right information. We have a questionnaire that we require all serious clients to complete prior to us reviewing your requirements. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us prior to completing this questionnaire.

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