Contact Form 7 and Google Analytics Goals

There’s a neat plugin for WordPress called Contact Form 7, which allows you to create forms for your site and email the results to you and your client (if you choose). But how can you track your requests in Google Analytics?

It’s a great plugin, but it primarily uses AJAX. When you hit the send button a message is sent to the server in the background and comes back to display a message saying that your email was successfully sent or it failed. This happens without your browser refreshing which is cool, but how can you track that? You could use another plugin or even check your emails to see if you received a response. But if you use Google Analytics, may as well put all the analytic data together right?

Luckily there is a solution that we found online: Contact Form 7 and Google Analytics Goals

Updated for 2013: Contact Form 7 now has documentation on how to manage this.

Note: This also works with the new asynchronous code.

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