Google Nexus 7 and Responsive Design

With the release of Google Nexus 7 is your website responsive and ready for the new tablet?

Desktops used to be a pain to lug from house to house to participant in a LAN party. Laptops made travelling easier, but now who needs a keyboard? Tablets are slowly becoming the must-have device – your local delivery man uses it to connect to the internet and get his latest delivery list; your kids in school use to ‘learn’; architects to show off 3D models of renovations; and your neighbour might even be using one to browse websites to find that special gift for tomorrows birthday.

The verdict’s in and CNET has the latest Google Nexus 7 Review. With a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, Android 4.1 and only at ~AU$190 (US$200), why wouldn’t you be interested? (Though storage may be a problem)

With this technology comes new techniques and functionality which you can harness today for your website to bring in more business. It is important to check your Analytic data now to see the amount of mobile users that could have ‘bounced’ whilst viewing your website. If it is quite high, chances are your website isn’t optimised for viewing on their device and they got pissed off any left: +1 to your bounce rate.

Fear not, there is a way around it – by optimising it! Here’s a few tips you can do to check your website:

  • Is your website responsive in design? If you resize your browser and make it smaller in width, does your website still look good? Is there a vertical scroll bar that shows at the bottom of your window? If there is, your mobile users might have to pan left and right to read the content on your website (how annoying!)
  • Borrow your neighbour’s tablet and check out the website yourself. See what they see. What elements of the website can you move or remove in order to get the right message across?
  • If your website uses tables or forms, check to see if it fits correctly. Often you might find that you’ll have to pan left and right? Another tip: As these devices are touch you can optimise your fields so that it displays the appropriate keypad (there are different ones: normal keyboard; email focused; number pad etc.)

Try our example:
Resize your browser now. You should notice how our website is ‘responsive’ and resizes depending your window’s width.

You can get started with these references:

BTW: The Google Nexus 7 is scheduled for a ‘late July’ delivery in Australia

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  1. Henk van den Bor November 29, 2012 9:44 am / Reply

    Hi Tom,

    Found this post while checking why the browsers on the Nexus 7 do not play ball.. Since the screen is wide enough they should show the “normal” e.g. desktop layout when in landscape (the iPad does) But it does not!

    Just checked this page on my Nexus… and it also displays mobile layout when in landscape.

    Grt. Henk

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